Friday 12 December 2008


We've arrived! Ish...

After a nearly 4000 mile, 18 hr trip yesterday we've 75% arrived. Does that mean one of our party of four didn't make it? Nope, we'll all present and (mostly) correct.... Actually, we've not been able to get to our final destination. We were supposed to travel from Boston to CT when we got here but there was a major ice storm in CT and we had to stay over at my brother's in Boston. Dad is in CT, holding down the fort as a puppy single-parent, with no electricity. I'm not sure when we'll be able to get to our final destination, but it wasn't a barrel of laughs sharing a bedroom with both kids last night!

The trip itself, although incredibly long, wasn't too bad. We have always flown Continental direct from Edinburgh to Newark, as we figured that length of time door to door was the most important factor for international travel with toddlers. We've had such a miserable time with Continental the last couple of times though, that we went for price over duration and flew KLM to Amsterdam then Amsterdam to Boston. So much better. The staff were nice. And helpful. We were sat together instead of spread all over the plane. We had leg room. We had individual entertainment screens. The kids were 500% better behaved than when we fly with Continental.
Jamie's favourite bit was during turbulence, when he would gleeful shout, 'We're going down!' (although he meant 'We're descending'). Maia's favourite bit was cuddling up with her dad. Steven's favourite bit was getting those cuddles, as she is normally suctioned to me. My favourite bit was reading a book when everyone else was sleeping.

Extreme fatigue has driven us all a bit mad. Jamie got us all comfy for naps in his own special way, with a toy baby hat, toy baby bottle, blanket, bib and soft toy star.

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