Tuesday, 2 December 2008



I had big plans for tonight. Hitting the clubs with the girls? Nope. Dinner and a movie with Steven? Nope. Nice meal and a DVD? Nope. I was going to finish the tute for the double breasted coat so I can send it to my lovely testers, finish an actual coat that I had started last week, and (of course) write a scintillating blog post. Maybe not 'big plans' in the traditional, non-pathetic way, but it's about as big as it gets for me these days.

And then Jamie wouldn't stay in his room. So I spent the evening escorting him back to his bed, getting absolutely nothing done in the process. Steven went to bed so I was the only sentry on bed-returning duties. Desperate to get him back to sleep (parenting experts look away now...), I sat in his room, in the dark, until he fell asleep. Which happened sometime after I fell asleep.

Here is a treasury I made last week, with a teeth theme.

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