Friday, 23 January 2009


Folksy finds rainbows

We all need some brightening up in the grey winter months, so this week's Folksy finds features some bright rainbow cheer!

Looking at this gorgeous Rainbow fabric fish by The Apple Cottage Company brings a smile to my face, and I love the stunning photo on the rocks too!

The colours in this beautiful Rainbow flower by hmsdesign are so striking and cheerful!

If you ever wanted to work the hippy pirate look, these Funky Pirate Pixie Rainbow Felted Dreads by Pirate Pixie Crew are an essential purchase!

This lino print Birds of the Air by I Love Red uses a printing technique called rainbow printing where the roller picks up several colors to create a rainbow effect. It's so pretty and elegant!

I'm almost unable to cope with how cute these cavebears by Treaclezoo are. Just look at their little faces, they're irrestible...

This is such a cheerful Rainbow charm laden bracelet by Kitschtique, and I bet the jangling it makes would put a smile on your face to!

These Swarovski Vitrial Green Rainbow Crystal earrings by Mia Belle Jewellery are dazzling in the sparkliness and cast a lovely green and rainbow light.

Another stunning photo of a beautiful item. This Rainbow Doodle fused glass wall hanging by Blue Fairy Designs has gorgeous abstract designs highlighted with vibrant colours.

This Bottled cupcake sprinkles resin pendant by Queenbone looks good enough to eat!

This simple but stunning Stained glass suncatcher by Row sew creative casts a gorgeous rainbow light.


  1. oh wow - I love bright colours, and to see so many in one place - I'm in rainbow heaven :-)

  2. Wow, you've done really well finding some fabulous items! I had my eye on a coupl eof them already. Aren't those bears the cutest things ever!

  3. Gorgeous items, I want quite a few of them!! Really great blog too...

  4. So many beautiful colourful finds - thank you for including my Rainbow Flower on your lovely blog!

  5. Oh, wonderful feature. It really does make your eyes glow to see such bright colours! I adore the lino print especially but all the items are beautiful.