Saturday, 3 January 2009


Folksy finds Retro

This week I have a double bumper feature of Folksy finds... I was remiss when I was on holiday (mum has dial-up and I just couldn't cope) so I'm doing two weeks of featured artists in a one-r. This week I'm featuring 'retro'... a broad scope with a varied result, I love them all though!

This Retro car card by Glue and Glitter not only encompasses funky retro vehicles, but I love the polka dot photo background.

Although this Babushka pin cushion by Beaky wasn't tagged as retro, I couldn't help but include it as I am obsessed with Matryoshka dolls in fabric form. And the colours of this pincushion are luscious.

What a great face the robot in this Bot print by Studio Misanthrope has! Robots are another soft spot of mine, and this photographic print is simply gorgeous.

I am 100% completely in love this Vintage radio ipod cosy by Little-Friend-Susan's. It uses recycled materials, it has polka dots, the colours work so well together, I love the screen-printed radio decal.

I'm just at the tail end of the vinyl generation but this Retro vinyl records bracelet by Pennydog brings back memories of the read-along books and Sesame Street records I had as a child. So cool and kitsch.
This Kitsch Cassette tape memory stick by Naatchi is more fitting for my generation... She says in her description, "My grandad gave away some old cassettes as he got a new CD collection that he got for christmas. So I turned a couple of my old tacky looking USB memory sticks into something new with those cassettes!" Her grandad listened to Susanne Vega?! *Faints with envy*

Combining several of my favourite loves (turquoise, geo prints and children) this Retro jumper by Yellow Magpie and Yellow Wren would be the perfect addition to your tiny one's wardrobe.

Once in a blue moon, I actually meet the people behind the shops I follow on Folksy and Etsy. In November at a Christmas fair for our local school, I met the woman behind Wildcat Designs, drooled over her Moo cards and lusted after this Space invaders scarf.

Another nostagia inspriring item (I clearly remember the massive machine at our local pizzeria), these Ms Pacman earrings by Omegazoid are both cute and conversation stopppers.

A little bit of geekery, these Computer cufflinks by Rubbish Gifts are quirky and perfectly tap into the zeitgeist for ironic use of technology. And are clearly not Rubbish. I wish I'd seen these before I bought the boring saltire cufflinks for my husband when we married!

I always struggle to pick just one item from KitschenSink's shop. I love the style, vibrant colours and photography. This Lego bracelet, however, is a stand-out piece. Please can I be cooler so I can wear this and carry it off?!

Do you hold firm to the idea that embroidery is staid? I love the dichotomy that is surfacing between an old-fashioned pursuit and modern styling; Craftster is awash with edgy, funky embrodiery pieces. I really swithered between picking F*ck You and the Horse you rode in on or Be nice or go home by Misofunky, but ended up chickening out and keeping it clean... That's not to diminish my love of 'Be nice or go home'... living with toddlers and welcoming playdates, I have often thought this message but have never verbalised it, maybe I should just mount this sampler instead?!

Again, another item I love and wished I had the courage to carry... This Bike clutch by Re-collect by Katcha Bilek is made from old kid's bikes, making it not only repurposed but extremely stylish!!

I really like Twinklyspangle's style and like checking out her blog for what she's working on. These Tattoo earrings strike a particular resonance with me just now... I'm crystallising images and ideas right now for a coat for Jamie, and tattoo print will be a feature. Watch this space!


  1. Wow, love all these finds, and thanks so much for featuring my Tattoo earrings!

  2. Thanks so much for this! I only just noticed! Lovely xoxox