Thursday, 29 January 2009


The respectable coat, hiding a dark secret...

Last night, I made Version Two of my boy's coat. The marching band coat was single breasted, this one is double breasted and has a pointy collar instead of a hood. How's that collar look, is it too big?

I did made a school-girl error when adapting the pattern from my girl's version (when I widened it through the shoulders I forgot to widen it at the placket), but now I know the error of my ways and hopefully Version Three will be the final pattern. Now I just need my super-special fabric to arrive from the States, I've been waiting for almost two weeks now!

Anyway... this side of the coat is blue twill and I've closed it with with green buttons. I had black buttons all laid out, but decided that was a little bit too conservative for me so I used forest green. What do you think? It was about 1AM when I made this decision so maybe it wasn't an entirely lucid conclusion! I was going to do six buttons but I was one short,which is either impressive or a sad indictment of my current life that I've gone through 100 buttons in the last two months.

This picture shows how the cut differs from the girl's version, it's more boxy and wider through the shoulders. It's still slightly a-line but much less so than the girl's. Here's the two of them working their coats together. But why does Jamie look so nervous? Does this coat have something ominous lurking underneath... (sorry, we've been chain-viewing Dexter this week). See a bit of something poking out from the bottom of that sleeve?
Yep, it's reversible! I'm so predictable... This side is Tattoo fabric from Alexander Henry. Might look innocent enough from a distance (albeit busy), but take a closer look...
Okay, still not a tremendously good close up, but the fabric depicts tattoos, knives, gambling and pneumatic women in bikinis. Perfect for an impressionable toddler. But maybe not for Grandma.


  1. I like the Alexander Henry as an interior, it gives the coat character (albeit not for grandma). The collar may be slightly wide, but I'd never have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. Love it!! BTW, I'm Estee from Folksy aka sweetpeaknits.

  2. Wow, love the blue material.
    Yep the collar does look big, but only on the first picture. It didn't look as big in the other pictures.
    I still don't know how you manage to look after 2 children and still do all this sewing and creating.
    I have two girls and I'm in bed by 10pm shattered - and a wee bit gutted that I haven't had a chance to sew anything.

  3. Love the coat - especially the interior fabric. I agree about the collar (a little big, but I probably wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it). Looks great!

  4. Another lovely coat but I think it is still veering towards the feminine side of the scale. Perhaps a smaller caller and a straighter cut will make it more masculine... ...just my opinion though!!!