Wednesday, 21 January 2009


My Word(le)!

I saw a post about a site called Wordle in the Folksy forum today and was intrigued. It zips through your blog and creates a word picture based on the number of times a word is used, highlighting what you talk about the most. The first (ten) times I tried today it appeared to only be picking up my last couple of posts, so it looked like my blog was predominantly about 'Toast'. What an indictment that would be.

Anyway, for the sake of 'being thorough' (otherwise known as being bored) I cut and paste all of my blog into it. And I think this Wordle is the real deal:

Pretty interesting, right? Probably more interesting to me, but nevermind, I'll proceed! The word I use the most is 'One'. I thought this was a bit strange, so I did a search and sure enough, my blog is littered with passages like 'one with a (non-pointy!) hood and one with a traditional collar. I have the fabric ready for the traditional collar one, but am waiting for super extra special fabric to arrive for the hooded one.' Who knew I was so repetitive?! Answer: probably you.

Second most popular word: 'Like'. Again, bit of a head-scratcher for me. You might have noticed that I'm maybe not the most *ahem* positive person in the world, so I had to check to see if my posts were littered with 'I like this' and 'I like that'. They're not. It's mostly used as simile, such as 'Jamie acting like a looter', 'Maia sleeps like a dervish', and 'our house looks like the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. No big shock then, I'm wordy (although those who know me personally will agree, I'm actually pretty quiet).

Least surprising thing? Jamie features heavily. More surprisingly, so does Maia. I assumed that he would dominate as I write more posts about the casual horrors of parenthood (sleeping, eating, tantrums) featuring him. But then again, Maia pops up in the dramatic horrors of parenthood, like hospitalisation for chest infections and nearly-severed fingers. Steven will be pleased that he's a pretty small word, the same size as 'toast'. That's about right.

And finally, some crafty words: Fabric, Make, Coat, Made, Pattern. Phew, at least I stay on topic occasionally!

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  1. Going to have to have a go at this - might wait until my blog is a little bit older though (it's only a baby blog at the moment)!