Thursday, 15 January 2009


The coat that doesn't want to be made and other irritations

After weeks of agonising and procrastinating, I finally started my boys jacket today. I have a very specific idea of what I want it to look like but I just can't figure out how it would work practically. Rather than let another couple of weeks pass with nothing to show for it, I decided to just go for it. It's not going to be reversible or 100% what I pictured, but at least when it's done I'll know if the pattern is a good fit or if I need to tweak it.

When Maia went down for her nap I got down to task one: cutting. Why do fabric stores fold fabric the wrong way? I want it folded selvage to selvage. They fold it cut end to cut end. Not a huge deal when you buy small quantities, but massive pain in the bum when I've bought a lot and need to drag it up and down the hallway to re-fold it.

Task two: Re-thread serger. This is one of my least favourite sewing activities, just behind stabbing my finger with a needle, buttonholing coats and stitch-ripping serger seams. In fact, I contrive reasons only to sew with the same serger thread all the time, even avoiding using new fabrics that I love, just because I don't want to rethread the machine. Ever wonder why most things I make are reversible? So I can hide mismatched serger thread inside. I'm kidding (mostly). Pathetic.

But wait, where is the third black thread cone? I'm sure I've seen it recently... when Jamie was using it as a pirate spyglass... which room was that in? House turned upside down, drat. Now I'll have to go to the fabric shop. With the two of them. Double drat.

It's a two mile walk each way, pushing the double buggy with a combined weight of approx 45kilos / 7 stone/ 100 lbs. When we arrive at the fabric shop, they both want out of the buggy. Mayhem ensues. Jamie grabs a basket and starts acting like a looter. 'You like this one? You like this one?' as a random assortment of haberdashery is thrown in. Maia's off on the other side of the store, hiding under a (staffed) cutting table. Stop, Jamie needs a wee. I try to put everything back in it's rightful place while the Jamie asks people 'What you doing?' and Maia rides a roll of fabric on the floor. Stop, Jamie needs a poo. As I'm getting some fabric cut, they play an elaborate game of Bite / Chase. This is a Jones family original, where Maia chases him around pretending to bite him. They think it's hilarious, strangers do not. Time for the walk home...

Ahh, lovely Edinburgh... Where the streets are paved with dog crap and broken glass. Puncture a tire. Again. I have to simultaneuosly pull with my left hand and push with my right (whilst propelling us forward) to stop the buggy veering into the road. Nevermind, I'm home now, with my thread, biding my time until they're asleep so I can get started.


  1. Hi, I'm a blog stalker. I love your girls coats, but I have a son so I can't wait to see the boys one!

  2. I'm your SIL, also with time on my hands, but I think your blog is fantastic. I enjoy it. I feel more in touch as well. Maybe I should start one, but my life is really way too boring!


  3. I've had days like this (I have 3 children) lol, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy nap time. Keep up the good work!