Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Life through the eyes of a three year old

Jamie got a Kidizoom digital camera for Christmas from my parents, and he absolutely loves it. He's been elicitly taking photos with our proper camera for a while, which makes me stressed but it's also a little bit funny when I find one of his shots on there unexpectedly.

He took more than 400 pictures of his holiday! It's really interesting seeing his perspective. There's a lot of pics of people's legs, tums and bums, but not a lot of heads. After all, he is toddler-sized but I guess I couldn't appreciate what he was seeing down there. The back of the front seat headrests and his feet and his sister's feet from the car seat. All the people that are important to him. All the things that are important to him. His camera has a bunch of features where you can add borders, embellishments, etc so that's pretty funny too seeing what he has done to them. We've had a blast looking through them together. So rather than bore you with our holiday pics, I'll bore you with his!

Here are a few of his favourite things:

Old school retro 'laptop'
Going on an airplane is very exciting, you get apple juice
Puzzles, he loves puzzles... and he's scarily good at them too
The DVD playerBecause it plays Toy Story on continuous loop

ToastViking helmet toastMister Bo. That's a dog, with very long hair to protect us from the crazy eyesHis sister

If Grandma was a Viking

One of the dozens of feet pics

Here is some proof my child is precociously talented. Oops, I mean, here are some really good shots.

Turkey at the zoo

Puppy looking bashful

Puppy being held like a baby

Puppies given a festive slant

Woodland landscapeFish tank

Perfectly centered lamp in art-print style

Baby doll lies desolate in the sunshine. I'm submitting this for the Turner Prize....

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