Saturday, 17 January 2009


Folksy finds upcycled

I'm a big fan of using recycled material for new creations, so here's a selection of innovative Folksy creators!

Mmmm, notebooks.... This weather notebook by Rhubarb Crumble has a beautiful cover and spotty ribbon binding.

I can't get enough of unusual clocks and this upcycled His Master's voice clock by Fizzy Pop uses a vintage record as the backdrop, both funky and functional!

Who from my generation could doubt the significance of Scooby Doo?! It was a total institution and these innovative Scooby Doo circles by Sisily Love use retro materials for a practical design. Love them!

This Jane of the jungle pendant by charming and pretty uses a vintage comic strip encapsulated in resin to make a funky pendant for the feminists amongst us! (Maybe. She is wearing a bikini).

A classic fairy tale get recon'ed in this lovely Snow White and Rose Red journal by Swirlyarts.

Who knew that envelopes were hiding such beauty?! These Recycled envelope badges by Milomade- too good to waste! are both ethical and understated, but also very pretty!

There's a beautiful array of colours in this Autumn wreath of recycled felted wool by PapilioHandmade. She uses 100% wool and cashmere blankets and jumpers for this stunning creation.

I was compelled to include this recon as we have the exact same music box in our house, a hand-me-down from when Steven was young. Fflwcs&williams has used this original 1979 toy, added a second music box and has embellished it to create an original and innovative SHE machine.

This simple but stunning Paper decoration by Sallyent used recycled paper material and ribbon to a beautiful effect.

Maybe not a high scorer, but this Wooden broach - tea by Maisie and Munch using Scrabble tiles is just the right side of nostalgic.


  1. Oooooh thank you for featuring me! I've just blogged about it :)

  2. Yay! Thanks for the mention :)

  3. Great selection and I've now found a few new sellers to go look at.

  4. Great finds!! I love that wreath

  5. Wonderful mix of recycled stuff! I adore the Snow White and Rose Red notebook.

  6. fabulous items - we had that musical box too :-)

  7. Wow - thanks for the feature - glad you like the badges - keep an eye on my shop/blog as I'm going to be adding some newly acquired patterns soon.