Saturday, 22 May 2010


Bonnie Scotland

m shadow

Despite the dire impression I give, Scotland has beautiful weather. Two days a year.

j castle

We left bright and early this morning for Portobello beach to enjoy the glorious weather.

m on beach

To feel the wet sand between our fingers.

smiley face

To draw gigantic smiley faces.

j adds features

And then give them nipples.

shell fish

To collect hundreds of shells for a fish.

shell laying

To painstakingly place them.

as far as we got

To be a little bit disappointed when the children got bored.

j shadow

To enjoy the sun and the shadows it casts.


  1. Looks like you had a great day, we did our first beach trip of the year after school yesterday divine!

  2. Glad you had a beautiful day! x

  3. Seriously! it must have taken all your will to walk away from that fish without finishing it!........I would have had to stay and made my own way fact i might have to fly up to Scotland tomorrow to finish it for you!...just looking at the pictures is causing an obsessive compulsive itch that seriously needs to be scratched.

    Looks like you all had a beautiful, fun day anyway.
    xxx K

  4. Looks fab - can't believe that's Scotland?! Looks more like Cornwall - we went to the beach today too (I've just posted about it) and my pics are remarkably similar to yours!

    Hope you're not as red as I am tonight.... funny how I'm very thorough about my little boy being protected from the sun but tend to forget myself! Lucy xox

  5. looks like a lovely day was had by all :o)
    here's hoping that you get some more sunshine.

  6. love the shadow photos - the top one looks cartoon-like.

  7. so lovely, this weather is amazing isn't it? And today is the 3rd day, in a row even, how good is that! Hurray for Scotland.

  8. Enjoy the weather - looks great. Do wish we had a beach within easy reach from us, but we have plenty swimming pools etc so shouldn't complain, especially when it is hot!

  9. Gorgeousness. How can you bear the beauty of your children? I had to look away a few times.

    And that fish is incredible!

  10. Aw, fab! I used to live pretty much right on Portobello Beach, it's lovely on a sunny day. I do hope the wind was coming from the right direction, though?!

  11. Pretty awesome this weather is't it?
    We spent the weekend outdoors and playing, really really hope its the start of a wonderful summer.

    beach looks great fun