Thursday, 6 May 2010


Pimp My Living Room: Phase two

Operation: Save our Collective Lives is well under way; the living room has been rearranged, Friend Sarah has offered to take me to IKEA next week for magic furniture. And today I replaced our living room curtains. I'm a teensiest bit sentimental about the old ones because they were the first thing I ever sewed, but:

I actually bought the fabric for the new curtains almost a year ago but I wasn't motivated enough to remake them until the room was revamped at the weekend. Et voila:

How come no one told me how hard it is to photograph curtains? The backlight from the windows is misleading enough to trick you into thinking Scotland has nice weather. Do not be fooled, it rained today and I wore my winter coat.

And I knocked up some five minute cushions too. I pondered whether to do a tutorial for the cushions but there are at least six million tutorials for cushions already in existance. But if anyone asks nicely I will anyway.


  1. They look great, lovely fabric.
    Whilst awake last night, with a very grumpy toddler with chicken pox, I had a great idea for our bedroom curtains which have been puzzling me for some time.
    Grey wool pinstripe suit fabric with shocking yellow lining, what do you think, would that work?

    Could a self taught sewer like me make lined curtains?

    All advice gratefully received

  2. love the fabric, it looks really fresh and cheery.

  3. So pretty!! It looks so sunny and cheerful - even if it's not.

  4. That looks fantastic! Love it! See you i your sunny living room tomorrow?

  5. Likey McLike! Ack we seriously need curtains. One of the devil children we childmind pulled ours down and we've failed to replace them... But I like them apples... ;)

  6. It's amazing how new curtains can lift a room - these are so bright and breezy (and they frame the Scottish weather outside just perfectly...).

    I'm making a blind for a skylight tomorrow... any tips from your curtain-making adventures?? Lucy xox

  7. They look great!! You can't be grumpy in that bright and cheery room now!

    BertieD I think those curtains would be great and really good at keeping heat in!

  8. I love the fabric! It brings in a little feel of bright, cheerful sunshine even if it's pretend.

  9. I am so glad that some positive action( and some pretty neat sewing) seems to have lifted your spirits a bit. Great your friend is taking you to Ikea, hope shes got a biggggg car!

  10. I adore the curtains, they are just wonderful