Thursday, 27 May 2010


More breeks for big bahookies

disco pants
Disco pants

Or, to translate from Scottish slang: more underpants for big bums. You're probably thinking, 'Wait a minute... didn't you make her heaps before?' Why yes, I did. But when we were going through the astrological poop drama, she did so many terrible things to her pants outside the house that most of them were thrown in the bin. So she's been back in store bought pants, which are minuscule, and consequently spends 14 hours a day fishing them out of her bum or bits. It's not a good look. Just have a look at this:

Lilliputian store bought pants

Those are the pants I made on the left, those are store bought pants on the right (in size 4-5yrs no less!). When she wears the purple pants, she looks like she belongs on Copacabana Beach. Before you think that my version must be gigantic, not so:

strawberry front

Yes, a bit roomy between the legs but that's not surprising as I drafted them with unisex in mind. And there's no fabric going spare in the back:

strawberry waist

The legs are very low cut so hopefully they'll be nary a wedgie in sight. The waistband and leg bindings for the strawberry pants are my organic bamboo knit, the first time I've used it. God, it's nice fabric. Give me strength not to buy heaps more.


  1. Oooh I love them! You should sell them in multi-packs!

  2. I need underpants that comfortable.

    Wait. I'll expand on that.

    If everyone had pants that comfortable we would instantly have world peace.

    You now have a life's mission. You're welcome.

  3. Cute!

    I'm sure small girls' knickers weren't that miniscule when I was a kid, what is the world coming to?

    As an aside, can I ask where you got the bamboo knit from? I'm dying to try some but have only found US sources.

  4. You should definitely sell them!

  5. Those are so cute, I want strawberry underpants too! Very great.

  6. I just felt the urge to say these are super cute! It is so nice to find a creative blog in Scotland. I'm inspired :)

  7. omg those are adorable... I need to make me some for my daughter... I am constantly hear,"Mommy, my bums hanging out."

  8. LOVE those knickers!!! do you sell a pattern for them?

  9. Ooh, I want some for myself! And cool that they're unisex - a boy's bits would fit in the front. (But what are boys' bits in Scotland?) It would be roomy enough for franks 'n' beans.

  10. Ace pants. Bahookies is such a good word. Is it bahooky in the singular?

  11. Oh I could seriously do with a couple dozen pairs of those for myself!

    I agree with the girls - they would sell like hot pants - I mean, cakes ;O)

    B x

  12. They look so comfy! I want some for myself. :)

  13. what a booty! breeks aren't knickers/ underpants, they are trousers. my children's nursery is "peedie breeks" - meaning little trousers, not little knickers.

  14. I've just had a kind of related thought - my daughter ends up with builders bum whenever she wears trousers - would altering patterns to give them more fabric at the back sort that out, do you think? Or is she doomed to always have her pants on show?

  15. So, I'm sitting here reading. I'm looking for the part that I SWEAR is here somewhere about selecting the stretch recovery fabric for these, and I'm laughing because IT'S SO FUNNY, and 5yo wants to know why I'm laughing. "Is it because it's about underwear?" she asks. Umm, yeah, the thing I tell you not to laugh about in public? Yeah, that. (At least I'm not in public.)