Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Baby's got back

The quest to make underwear that fits Maia continues. Although she is only two, this girl has a serious bubble butt. She's wearing store bought pants for five year olds and still reveals about two inches of crack at any given time. If they're tall enough to offer coverage, they're too baggy and give her wedgies. No one likes wedgies.

So I'm making these pants cut higher in the back but curved for under her belly as this little Amazon also has a Buddha belly.

The legs are low-cut boxer brief style so there's no chance of wedgies.

I'm showing you this picture not so you can laugh at Jamie posing Zoolander style (although feel free), but because I wanted you to see how differently the two of them are built. The pants that he is wearing are the same exact size as hers. Note how he doesn't fill his out quite as much...

But while we're on the subject of kid's pants, why are British boy briefs so freaking tiny? They have about a two inch rise at the front and a three inch rise at the back and even though Jamie is tiny they're miniscule. So I'm definitely going to make him some more. He deserves some dignity too. Although whether moose or sausage dog pants are dignified is debatable...


  1. I LOVE these pants!! they rock!

    are you going to do a pattern for them?? I would LOVE to buy & make a ton for my Daughter! I think they rock!! and she too has a Budda belly and hoochy mumma ass!! LOL

  2. i totally agree about the ridiculously tiny pants for boys and i hate boxers as they seem to be permanently on show!
    these pants rock!

  3. That boy is throwing some *serious* shapes - love it!

    Muchly impressed with the pants also.


  4. They're fab! Love the poses :-)
    Would also be very interested in kids and adult patterns!