Friday, 6 November 2009


Retro car hoodie

I love making things for people I 'know' (even if only in the cyber bloggy sense) so I was excited when Nicknackynoo asked me to make a hoodie for her youngest boy. And even more excited the it's made out of one of my favourite fabric, Echino retro cars. But less excited that it's the last of this fabric in my stash, but I know it's going to a good home....

It's lined with snuggly red flannel with red ribbing and a red zip.

Photos were taken as I went so when (if?) I get some spare time the tutorial will follow and hopefully another pattern will be on its way!


  1. I want one! Seriously, you have got to start making clothes for adults!


  2. that is fantastic!!! we need sized up patterns in a age 10 for my son william he would love one.
    I envy your sewing talent and eye for fabrics.:-)

  3. Oh yes, pattern please!! My son needs this!!

  4. sorry hijacking now, sew scrumptious, your give a granny post just made me cry, what a lovely idea for those children. well done.