Monday, 2 November 2009


The synchronicity of pants

Pants: Noun/Adj. Nonsense, rubbish, bad. From the standard British English of pants, meaning underwear; also a variation on 'knickers'. E.g."The first half was pants but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film." [1990s]
I've been feeling pants recently. Not physically, but emotionally. The cold horizontal rain has started, it's dark about 41 hours a day, business is really slow, the kids fight like rabid badgers and everything is making me mad. All I want to do is lie on the couch and watch Fringe all day because it's free. And awesome.

So I'm feeling pants. And now I'm making them too.


  1. PANTS! Will you be looking at making these for adults too?

    Emma x

  2. Know the feeling. You need wine and chocolate and a day to yourself. Cool pants by the way!

  3. They are very cute pants. Hope you feel more cheerful soon.

  4. Excellent pants, but could you make some magic ones to make my Mr I.P.Quitealot into a continent human?

  5. Two rabid badgers huh? Three options; take them out and shoot them, call the RSPCA so they can 'remove them' or hide in the toilet eating biscuits. I go for option three at the moment but may review my policy in the new financial year.

  6. You see, only you could make pants look funky!! They are cool.
    I am feeling similar at the moment and getting bored of it. I don't have the brawling kids in the day but I do have the tired, grumpy kids when they get home from school. Urgh.