Sunday, 29 November 2009


Funk Fair

With less than a week to go I thought it was time to publicise my one and only pre-Christmas fair for the considerable number of people who land here after searching for 'Kitschy Coo craft fair'...

I missed out on last year's market but I've been told that it's a very modern and cool selection of handmade designers and vintage sellers. It's at the Christ Church Hall, Holy Cross next Saturday (5th Dec) from 10am to 5pm. So if you're in Edinburgh and looking for an alternative Christmas shopping scene, please stop in and buy every single thing I brought say hello.


  1. Sounds very cool, will most definitely be checking that out - thanks for posting!

  2. Good luck! Wish I could stop by. :)

  3. Oooh good luck!! I am going to go to fair next weekend as a customer...about the first time in 2 novel ;)