Saturday, 28 November 2009


Preamble to pie

I had a big quandary last night about the pie I'm providing for Thanksgiving lunch at a friend's...

Then she sends me an over-complicated pumpkin pie recipe....

I hope Cathy forgives me...


  1. I made a pie, drove to Edinburgh and you were not there! I can't believe you went out. I swung by Tariq's on my way back and he's still there with his large selection of crisps and a pile of pumpkins which came up to my elbow.

  2. Aaaaahahahahahahahaha!! You two are crazy women.


  3. If it makes you feel better, the pie in the picture looks about right for Key Lime. And it's too late now, but most of the pumpkin sold in the US is actually, secretly butternut squash (shh...) So in the future if you are dying for pumpkin pie you can buy squash instead.

    We had pumpkin creme brule at our house. Mmmm...