Sunday, 22 November 2009


In defense of the European Union

I received a massive package from Holland this week, and on top of replenishing some of my velveteen and babycord fabrics, I also received all these ribbons. If you ever hear anyone saying that Europe is not awesome, please direct them to this post:

Mushrooms, Matryoshkas and Flying Birds

Red Paisley and Chocolate Paisley

Red, lime and chocolate spotty bias binding

And unlike deliveries from the States, you don't have to pay duty / customs on goods from the European Union. Go, Europe and go, me!


  1. Loving the ribbons! They're gorgeous x

  2. Cute!! That bias binding is making me drool.

  3. Any chance of a link to the place you got these? They are fab!

  4. Wow, they're fantastic - and I second Sew Scrumptious's comment, even though it will mess my bank account up no end!

  5. Thanks guys :)

    @SS & Louiz: They're from HollandFabricHouse on Etsy. She's fabulous.