Sunday, 15 November 2009


Animal, vegetable, mineral

Here's a sneaky peak of what I've been working on for the last 187 days. Or the last three days, which just felt like 187 days because of the number of stitches sewn, ripped out and sewn again...

Anyone guess what it is?


  1. Your very own teenage mutant ninja turtle shell.
    A backpack for a giant/mutant.
    A parachute.

    A mei-tai? :)

  2. Looks like a manly mei tai. Yay for Daddy's carrying babies!

  3. Looking very mei-tai to me too

  4. Bright green straitjacket - the kind you wear in a padded cell??!!

  5. A rucksack gone wrong ;) I have no idea what a mei tai is, but it sounds delicious :)

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  7. they all beat me to it!!

    A mei tai :)

    I made a few but prefered slings so stick to making those - and wearing them - Katie is 2y 7m and STILL gets hoiked aorund in it - while her big brother occasionally rides in her pink pushchair!!! LOL

    It looks lovely - need to see photos with the straps in view or the mei tai in use! :)