Monday, 24 May 2010


The day I participated in the Edinburgh Marathon more than I planned

This is my good friend Liz. She is the mother of these two poppets:

Yesterday morning, Liz got up early, had a hearty breakfast, dressed in her exercise clothes and lathered herself in sun cream. She put on her sensible and broken-in running shoes. She was ready to run the marathon.

Yesterday morning, I got up early, didn't eat breakfast, put on a corduroy dress, eschewed sun cream, and put on shoes that I bought the evening before. I was ready to watch Liz in the marathon.

My original bus was late so I must have missed Liz at the start of the race. Being tenacious, and keen to show Liz my Good Friend Credentials, I started walking to get another bus to a later section of the race so I could catch her there. I walked eight miles before finding a bus to get on. Dropped off at mile twenty, I patiently waited an hour and a half in the blazing sunshine with my Crimson Sunburn of Death before spotting my friend. My camera wouldn't turn on but she heard me cheer. 'Thank goodness,' I thought, 'Now I just have to find a bus to get home.' Limping along in my brand new shoes, sporting blisters on top of blisters on top of blisters, I walked all the way from mile twenty to the finish line at mile 26.2 before finding a bus to get on. Some days I am made of Fail. But at least I can give Liz this commemorative poster to celebrate her achievement:


  1. That's not fail!! If I had a friend who gave herself blisters *and* sunburn so that she could cheer me on, I would think that was great!

  2. Yeah, what Nic said.

    Blisters and sunburn gained to support friend. Friend success! (and get some vineger soaked clothes for the sunburn!)

  3. Oh my God! Poor you! I can't believe you walked all that way in that horrible heat! What they said - you are a great friend!

    My face is all sunburnt and I have unattractive sock lines, and I'm aching all over, but I scraped under 5 hours by 35 seconds so yay!

    Thanks so much, it was great to see you, especially at a point where I was flagging badly. See you soon. xx

  4. you are crazy but wow what a good friend you are!

  5. It was so lovely of you to catch up with her. But owwwwww. I hope you don't have to do too much more walking anytime soon...