Monday, 31 May 2010


New underpants linked to hysteria

I made another two pairs and the kids literally went nuts for them.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm about the pattern and the pants themselves. To answer some of your questions:
  • Emmy: I bought the bamboo from The Fabric Fairy in the US. Sadly, I can't find it here either.
  • Little Birds Fly: I finished the tute today! See below....
  • Sister: To my knowledge, there is no universal Scottish slang for boys' bits. We use 'wee man' in this house.
  • Pickled Weasal: Yes, 'bahookies' is an ace word and yes, the singular is 'bahookie'.
  • Mimesy: I am assured by the husband and the internet that breeks is acceptable for both trousers and underpants. Phew :)
  • Louiz: We have trouble with builder's bum too, I'm baffled by the short rise they use for little girl trousers here. There's not too much you can do about it if they're store-bought ones (other than not buy them and send the company hate mail), but if you're making the trousers yourself increasing the back rise is a fix.
I've graded the pants for sizes 2-3yr, 3-4yr and 4-5yr, and the tutorial has been written. It'll be a pdf pattern because the pattern pieces are small, and the only thing I have left to do is scan them in. So, lovely testers o' mine, leave a comment here if you're interested, with the size you'd like to test. I will absolutely adore you if you could do it this week, all you need is some knit fabric (bonus points for fabric with lycra) and some stretch needles. Anywhere in the world because it's emailable! Speaking of which, please leave your email address :)

As an aside, if I was to sell the pants themselves, how much would you pay for a three pack?


  1. I would LOVE to test these and I can do it tonight/tomorrow while the kids are at nursery if you'd like? Are they unisex? I could test 3-4 on Erica and 4-5 on Nairn if you'd like?

    Price-wise I'm not sure. No more than £10, but we're skint ;)

  2. I would love to test these for you, but have no fabric at the moment, so probably wouldn't be able to do it this week. I will totally be buying this pattern if you're going to sell it though!

  3. Definitely up for testing them out here!

  4. I'd love to! My 3 yr old needs new undies anyway and I'm looking for projects to keep my mind off of the fact that my blogging partner is moving 4000 miles away in a few weeks. I could do sz 4-5.

  5. yay !!! I'd LOVE to test out the pattern...I've got fabric and needles at the ready!

  6. need a size...2/3yr :)

  7. I have nobody to test small peoples' undercrackers on, but thank you for confirming my suspicion about the bamboo jersey. Sniffle.

  8. Oh! oh! Pick me! Pick me! I have lycra-y knit stretch stuff and a 3-4 size bum!

    Obviously not my bum....I wish!

  9. I am not sure if you are full up on testers or not but I could test a 2/3 on my son or the 4/5 on the girl. I have a ball point needle and some knit fabric all ready to go.

  10. Hiya! I have a 3 year old chunky girlie I can test these on.
    By the way, have you seen this website - ? Some of their bamboo jersey is a bamboo spandex mix which I imagine would be nice and stretchy. Unfortunately the colour choice is not great.

  11. would love to try the pattern out for you. Would save me from hearing all the time. "mommy, my bums hanging out"

  12. I'd love to test them but unfortunately not going to get a chance this week. Will they become available as patterns - if so please let us know when they'll be available to buy.

  13. Just wanted to say, so glad you got so many takers. We grannies don't have many small size bottoms for testing now so unfortunately unable to help!....even though I do have cotton/lycra fabric and ballpoint needles.

  14. My oldest daughter suffers from Arse-Hang-Out so these could be the answer to our social embarrassment. She's rising 4 so I can do a 4-5 test.

    I can zoom to town and procure fabric on Wednesday and can promise to devote the remaining half-term evenings to the project.

    Word of warning though - I am a total novice at all things stretchy. And not much more experienced at all things woven. If you are looking for a Test-To-Destruction, I'm your ham-fisted woman.

  15. I'm still up for testing. I was going to test 2/3 and model on a boy and a girl. My package of new knits is coming from the fabric fairy, though, so I'm not sure about this week. It depends on when the mail comes.

  16. I would love to try out this undies pattern! :) the size 3-4 would be fantastic. My email is

  17. I ould love to give the larger size a try, Mini has a large bum!!

  18. I'd probably pay up to £15 for a pack of 3, but only cos they're so cute! I'm normally quite tight-fisted when it comes to undies and daughter doesn't seem to have problem with size of shop bought ones yet.

    Thanks to Ady for the fabric link. Another site I've come across is:
    I've not actually tried this so can't vouch for fabric.

  19. I'll test a pair out in 4T for my niece's large bottom!
    My daughter is a 2T right now.
    (Now if only I could make a pair big enough for me too!)
    To answer your question about how much $, I would pay $15-$20 for a pack of 3 organic jersey pairs. Probably $12-$15 for non-organic. ??

  20. Actually, I would probably pay more. Maybe those would be my ideal prices =)

  21. I fear I am late to this party...
    (blasted holiday making me spend time with the family and not online),

    But I would love to test the 4/5 pattern.

    Price wise... I'm terribly cheap, I would top out at $15 for 3 (but that would have to include terribly cute prints and super cheap shipping).

  22. They are wonderful. I would absolutly love to test these. I could do it in any size(or all three) as I've got 3 little girls in my life that would adore them.

  23. I would pay£10 to £15 for a three pack. I love them but am poor!

  24. i'd love to test these. i could test the 2-3T size for my daughter and the same for a boy (would it be weird to send undies to a neighbor's child? eh... whatever. cute underwear is cute underwear, right?).

    as for pricing, i'd say $10-15 for a pack of three.

    i'm at gkgarry at gmail dot com.

    thanks for making awesome stuff.