Tuesday 1 June 2010


Diatribe from the Deathbed

I've been having trouble with my Kitschy Coo email since the dawn of time (which is hosted by Mr Site) but it's been exceptionally bad over the last month. If you have sent me a Very Important Email recently and I haven't responded, it's Mr Site's fault. Other than my main inbox, all of my other folders will not open most of the time. My main inbox? Full o' rubbish. Every other mailbox? Full o' the most important things in the world. Including my Sent Items, so in some cases I don't even know if I have responded to your Very Important Emails. Today I decided that I would export my entire mailbox into Outlook, which I hate slightly less than Mr Site.

I know, let's play a game. Which of these folders made it through to Outlook and which were just deleted, never to be seen again?

Sigh. You guys are so good at games. I know that by looking at that list for less than a minute, you would have known that these were the only things that made it to Outlook: Germanic religious spam and Viagra leads. And the ones that disappeared into the ether were: All messages over a year old, Etsy, event leads, fabric leads, OUTSTANDING ORDERS, receipts for my purchases, store leads, Things to keep FOREVER AND EVER, and Will trigger the Apocalypse if deleted. Particularly cataclysmic are the loss of all messages over a year old (I've had this account for more than two years), receipts for my purchases (I have to do my taxes this month) and obviously, Will trigger the apocalypse if deleted. Screenwriters, start writing your summer blockbusters about how Mr Site brought about the end of the world.

So. I need some legal advice. If, as anticipated, I have an aneurysm and die sometime within the next hour, which major lawsuit should Steven bring against Mr Site? Obviously, I think murder would be most appropriate but corporate manslaughter is probably more realistic. There is definate negligence, and absolutely some malice, but I just don't know. Researching criminal law is not what I want to be doing in my final moments.


  1. That. Is. Horrifying.

    Are you 100% sure they are gone? There might be a way to recover them. I would suggest consulting the best local IT person you know before doing anything else with the email.

    At the very least contact MrSite to see if you can get email from their backups. They should be able to access yesterday's backup or even a few days ago and get something for you. That won't help with anything in the last few days and might delete some of today's email. I would forward everything you have from today to another email prior to asking for this help.

    Let me know if I can help. I don't know what I can do remotely but I'm willing to give it a go.

  2. Does Mr Site not have backups? Double negligence if not.

    Negligence for sure, and possibly other matters. If you're serious about sueing (and I would be in your position), go speak firstly to your local citizens advice bureau. Secondly google Law Society of Scotland and contact them for names of solicitors who might be able to help you...

    CAB first though. Or call the LSS, and get some advice from them before you speak to a solicitor so you know what you're looking for.

    Failing that a large hammer might help...

  3. I'd go with Louiz's suggestion of a hammer - I have a couple of dozen in my workshop if you need to borrow one.
    I feel your pain - I said yes to outlook's kind offer to backup my emails. It lost them, not even my friend's computer whizz husband can find them.
    I hope Mr Site can find a backup for you!

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