Sunday, 13 June 2010


Mega Sale Phase Three: The Clothes

Jeez-o, but this is taking me an age to do, but finally Phase Three of the Super Mega Sale is complete.

Sewn with my own fair hands

I've created two albums in Facebook for my ready to ship sale clothes: those sewn with my own fair hands and those that have been appliqued (also by my fair hands I might add). Prices are at least 20% less than normal price, but some are much, much more. If you want something put a comment on the relevant photo to say 'Mine, mine, all mine'. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can email me and I'll stake on your behalf but it could get complicated if someone else bagses it before I see. I've only listed ready to ship availability but I might be able to accommodate other sizes or duplicates. Maybe. You never know with me.

I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world. Shipping within the UK will be £2 for orders up to £25, £3 for orders between £25 and £50, and a flat £4 for orders over £50. Rest of the world: take the UK shipping price and add £2.

If you want an even bigger discount, I'll take 50% off your shipping charges if you use your cyber mojo to tweet, blog, Facebook link etc the sale, just let me know when you order. Again, like the pattern sale and the fabric sale it's open until Friday.


  1. For some reason, Facebook isn't giving me an option to comment.
    Are the tunics pretty roomy or would Item have no chance of squeezing in to a 3-5?

    I'm q interested in the tourquoise apple one and the mocca eggplant, but if someone with a kid the right size wants them, it'd make far more sense for them to have them obviously.

  2. I can't leave a comment on FB, but could I get the Giant blossoms single breasted coat with hood please?

    Sam/Laymon from LJ ;)