Tuesday 29 June 2010


Pickings from Paradise

Yesterday we set off on masse to a local farm.

Armed with dozens of empty punnets and a sense of purpose.

We were lucky to have such robust systems of quality control.

Grandparents to grandkids, cousins to cousins, memories formed and moments were captured.

The girls with their matching tops and strawberry stained hands.

Jamie tried a blueberry (!!) and the fibres of the universe did not rip apart and send us all careening into oblivion. It 'was nice'.

Isla ate several thousand blueberries and went to her own tiny version of Heaven.

Knowledge was imparted.

Hilarity shared.

It's hard not to view our trips back to the place I grew up through rose-tinted spectacles. Probably because I wasn't the one who spent $70 on a car full of berries. Thanks, Dad :)

NB. As I continue to be cut off from the world by lack of email access and non-ridiculous internet connection, I will continue to update my Open Post with further questions for you all to answer. So keep checking back!


  1. I always think those places would make a fortune if they weighed children on the way in and out.

  2. Will you be able to bill me for my order since you can't get to your email?

  3. So glad that you guys are having fun! Enjoy it, can't wait to see you once you're back xx

  4. What wonderful memories for the kids!

  5. Looks like it was a great day!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us :) I must admit that after reading this post I started planning a trip to pick strawberries!