Thursday, 10 June 2010


From one ARGH to another

I took a brief hiatus last night from my Collette Parfait angst to finish the pirate costume.

bemused pirate

He was more than pleased. And bemused. But mostly pleased. The final tally included a ruffley blouse, a vest, a sash, britches, a bandana and an eye patch. And a rather fetching mustache.

can't catch me pirate

Jamie's current modelling strategy: Zoolander faces. My current strategy: chase him around the garden while snapping. The geriatric neighbours find it quite thrilling.

sneaky pirate

That means he pops up over here.

pop up pirate

The edges might be blurred but the euphoria is right there.

scooter pirate

Chasing pirates on scooters and hiding behind phone boxes, in public. I'm officially a lunatic.

soulful pirate

But it's worth it when I can capture one face like this.


  1. Fantastic! he looks brilliant and the last photo is gorgeous.

  2. Billiant costume - and I assume he's feeling better then.

  3. wow, wonderful everything...great costume, beautiful photos full of joy and the MOST gorgeous boy!

  4. Cool!! What an outstanding costume! Well done!

  5. Awesome costume, doll! I can't quite get over how much he looks like Steven. Maybe you should dress him up in a dandy pirate costume. Just sayin'...

  6. That is a most excellent costume and a most excellent pirate you've made there. Well done you.

  7. Oh arrrrrh my hearty, doesnt he look all swashbuckling and all that

  8. Hahaha the pics are amazing! As is the costume of course.

  9. So fantastic. Love the everything. And that last shot melts your heart.

  10. I'm officially a lunatic.

    Yes, but a brilliant lunatic. I love the energy and fun in these - and I really love the last one.

  11. That's a handsome face! And great action shots! Do I hear screaming and "run run run!"?

  12. Fantastic pirate costume and amazing pics of Jaime.

  13. You are putting these pics in a photo album, or posting them into photo books to print and keep, right? Just awesome.