Saturday 12 June 2010


Mega Sale Phase Two: Fabric bonanza

Lightweight wovens (quilters weight cotton, lawn, voile, linen)

Well, this is a lot more fabric than I was intending to sell! But once I started pulling everything out I had a really good think about how badly I hoard the precious fabric and off I went. I've posted them all on my Facebook page into three different albums: light weight cotton, heavy and medium weight cotton, and knits. You can click on the pictures to visit the albums.

Medium and Heavy weight wovens (cotton sateen, home decor weight cotton, babycord, velveteen)

On each individual picture there is the fabric name, the quantity I have available and the price. If you want something, leave a comment on the picture stating your claim. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can email me and I'll stake on your behalf but it could get complicated if someone else bagses it before I see.

Knits (french terry, sweatshirting, cotton jersey and cotton lycra)

The sale is probably geared more to my British friends because the precious fabric is really precious here in the UK. Others are more than welcome, but should email me so we can discuss posting. Shipping within the UK will be £1 for 1-2 yds, £2 for 3-4 yds, £3 for 5-6 yds, £4 for 7-8 yds, £5 for 9-10 yds and a flat £6 for anything above 10 yds. Yes, I appreciate I should be using metres because the EU will no doubt throw me in jail, but most of the fabric was purchased in yards so it's more logical for me to list them that way.

If you want an even bigger discount, I'll take 50% off your shipping charges if you use your cyber mojo to tweet, blog, Facebook link etc the sale, just let me know when you order. Again, like the pattern sale it's open until Friday and I'll post Phase Three: The Clothes tomorrow!


  1. Have just blogged about your fabulous fabric sale! Can you let me know how much I owe you and how you want me to pay and I'll cough up!

  2. Fantastic sale, just wish I was a bit quicker to get more, that mini giraffe fabric looked gorgeous. Let me know how to pay have Tweeted about your sale too. Thanks xxx

  3. I am busy getting hat I can, but that dreaded Louise got there first - well at least she saved my purse!! I have tweeted about it.

  4. Right, I've just tweeted your de-stash sale in the hope that other people will buy so I don't spend ANY MORE money!

  5. This isn't about the bonanza but I just wanted to say that you have one of the nicest ever blog headers.