Monday, 28 June 2010


An open post

Hello, everyone.

I did some very bad organising which means I have no access to either my hotmail email account or my kitschycoo email for emails that were sent or received before today. If you're waiting to hear from me, I'm sorry. As a half-baked solution, if there's something you want to let me know, I'm leaving this up as an open post. Tell me anything you want! If you're stuck for ideas, here's some things I definitely want to know:
  • What have I missed / am I missing in the UK
  • Link to a blog post that I have to read (even if my mom's dial up internet might make me stab the computer)
  • Theories as to how I managed to forget to pack the shoes I specifically bought for this trip
  • What in the world I'm going to do if I never get into my hotmail account ever again
  • Where in our yard my mom has seen snakes (because yes and no answers aren't getting me anywhere)
  • Has baby Calvin gotten cuter or just bigger? Discuss.
  • Don't tell me about the last Doctor Who, because it's not on here for another two weeks.
  • Every time I come to the States, I catch something almost fatal. Previous highlights have included killer thrush and pseudo anthrax. Yesterday I cut my finger on a knife. Will I get gangrene, septicemia or trench finger? Or is the cut a red herring and should I worry about some other diseases?
  • Today on my morning constitutional walk down our road, I might have seen a bear and I definitely saw a bobcat. Which one will kill me?
  • The dog is pregnant. How many puppies will she have and how many will be born in my suitcase?
As my bifurcation from the real world continues, I'll be adding to this list and need some help getting answers.


  1. Do I need to get in touch with you somehow about my order?

    And my best guess for the locations of any snakes are 1. Right behind you (where ever you are... they do sometimes find them in houses...) and 2. Right behind your kids (because I always assume that whatever danger lurks out there is coming for my kids...).

    Gotta go get some sleep and check the kids' rooms for snakes.

  2. Fab post and indywriter's comment made me laugh. How you doing with those snakes??

    Just to let you know I was outraged on your behalf last week when someone left a comment on your blog about photos - your blog is great, the photos of your kids are innocent and always make me smile - I'm not judging the commenter, just wanted to let you know.

    There are pictures of kids everywhere - photos of children in the school play in the local newspapers, at an awards ceremony on TV - there are plenty of weirdos in the world but I don't think many of them stalk sewing blogs.

    Happy hols (and watch out for those snakes) L xox

  3. Saw Dr Who last night. Awesome. I'm on my parents' laptop which is also very............slow.........
    have a great holiday, see you in a few weeks. xx

  4. just want to let you know - it's very important - that i wore my madhatter's shower cap last night!

  5. On Doctor Who lets just say the minis want Christmas to come now!

  6. i too am very excited about christmas doctor who - and series 6 - what is the scilence????? and just who is River Song!!!!!!!!!

  7. Finale of Dr Who might lead to inappropriate formation of crush on current Dr. It has over this way. Be careful.

    The snakes are of course looking for the shoes to hide in, which you thankfully forgot to pack.

  8. Series finale of Dr Who led directly (via tardis, presumably) to the dance stage at Glastonbury where the doctor remixed the theme tune with Orbital. Awesome!

    Have a great holiday - but don't go barefoot in the garden, given unpacked shoes scenario, as the snakes will be where your foot is about to step.

  9. The snakes are invisible of course, and so are your shoes.

    You are missing the hot weather, but I suspect you might be making up for that where you are. I forgot to see Dr Who so I missed it too.

  10. How about, "How can you convince your parents to get HBO with OnDemand so you can glut yourself on the new season of True Blood while you're in town?"

  11. The cut is not a red herring in its truest sense... It is merely chumming the waters so to speak. The bobcat will be drawn to you by the scent of blood from your wound. It will wait to attack you until the snakes have overcome you with their poison (which is no doubt the kind that paralyzes you but doesn't kill you... so you are alive and conscious when Mr. Bobcat starts to nosh on your tasty fingers). The circle of life is complete when the bear comes out of the woods to eat the bobcat and finish you off.

    If you manage to survive, I'm betting that at least one puppy will be discovered in your suitcase... after you get home.

  12. lucky you missed the football! i think puppies and toes not in shoes don't mix well! nibble nibble