Wednesday 9 June 2010


This is taking a very, very long time

I'm a semi-instant gratification kind of girl. If I can't finish something in two days at the most, I'm going to be pretty grumpy about it. I'm very grumpy. Baby Calvin is impatient.

Baby Calvin says, 'WTF is taking her so long?

He's not actually grumpy though, because he loves his very cool t-shirt and can't wait to see me in a couple of weeks.

I've been working on the same sewing project for three days now and it's doing my head in. Twenty six pattern pieces plus another ten pieces of interfacing have already been cut, pressed and assembled but I've fallen at the finish line because the two facing pieces DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. I was hoping not to tell you what I'm working on because it's a secret and I'm a very alluring and mysterious person. But, if I don't tell you then no one will help me and the only surprise I'll be showing you is that I've pulled all my hair out.

So. The Collette Parfait. Can someone please tell me how the facings work?

Unrelated addendum: Thanks for all the kind words about the rabid child / foul medicine dichotomy. I'm happy to report that after the initial dosage, he's been taking them fine!


  1. OK, I haven't made the Parfait, but I'll bet you could shoot an email to the designers on the website. I can't wait to see it!! You have just the shape it was designed for. I'm also glad that Jamie is taking his medicine. There is nothing less fun than forcing something down a child.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that J. is taking the medicine ok, now. I wish you hadn't both (and M. too!) had to go through the initial trauma, but it must be such a relief not to be dreading each and every one of the remaining doses....

  3. Oh no! If you can't understand it I've got no hope!

    Plus glad the medicine is going down now