Wednesday, 2 June 2010


A racer back tank inspired by my libido

I've been thinking a lot about tank tops recently. Lots of reasons why, really. We're imminently off on another American adventure where summery clothes are not surplus to requirements. And I've been thinking about summer patterns. A tank top / boy cut briefs combo would make an ace bathing suit, no?

front racer back tank

I double heart a racer back. Probably because they are Off Limits to me due the profusion of bra straps required to make me humanity-friendly.

back of racer back tank

I do not double heart sewing binding onto knits. But I sewed this in a much easier way: folded over and stitched to the wrong side of the tank and then flipped over to the right side and topstitched down. It gives a lovely, neat finish:

binding of racer back tank

Yes, summer holidays with bonus sun included, and bathing suits, blah blah blah. But the real reason I have been thinking about tank tops more than usual?

You: 'Amanda, I cannot see that picture well enough'.
Me: 'Brace yourself.'

True Blood is back so very soon. And we all know how I feel about that. So, yeah, tank tops are on the brain.


  1. It only takes an Amanda brain to connect racer backs with True Blood :)
    OMG I cannot wait for True Blood to return!!! *screams*

  2. Hahahahahaha the minute I saw 'racer back' on Facebook I thought of Eric <3

  3. I love how you did the binding...any chance you'd show us how? I don't wach much tv, so I'm afraid the last bit went over my head, but I don't mind looking at him...who ever he is!

  4. Okay, love the racerback and that sounds like an excellent swimsuit. Also, Fabric Fairy has some lovely Marimekko swimsuit fabrics. When are you coming??

  5. mmmm, eye candy.

    the sewing, obviously.

  6. Love True Blood (second season more than first). Loved the books first and most. Charlaine Harris is awesome.

    That shirt is really cool. I love the trim.

  7. you read my mind! I actually just told a friend of mine, after I finished the little boy cut briefs, that I was thinking of making them out of swim suit material and coming up with a top so I could make a bathing suit for Lily. Very cute design :) and thank you for the "inappropriate crush" pics ;)

  8. OOOOOOOOOO Eric!......Cant wait for the new book, i am first in the request line at the library....and thank God for sky+, so i wont miss series 3 when im away.

    and cute tank too!

  9. The most gorgeous thing I've seen all day!

    And the top is super cute, too. ;)

  10. thanx for the tute on the binding. it has been something that I have avoided for some time now. I too have tank tops on the brain. Erik is a hottie!!

  11. Hmmm the top is cool but totally overshadowed by the last picture. YUM! I have not watched season 2 yet. Storing it up and quite forgot about HIM!!!!! We have similar taste, I am going to follow.

  12. Many girls get crazy because of this, hahaha. and I'm one of them. I can't wait for this, I'm too excited to watch. a