Wednesday 23 June 2010


The Grimace Dress

I've been doing lots of Top Secret sewing for my extended gene pool this week. But there is one thing I can show you: another holiday dress for Maia.

I would like to thank Grimace from McDonald's for being an inspiration.


  1. I would LOVE a Grimace dress, just for me. I am 24, is that allowed? Who cares!

    I agree with you on the pants issue, and I hope you're not still upset because there's no need.

    Sarah x

  2. Is that the same fabric from the green matinee jacket? (well the same but different - you know what I mean!!)

    It's lovely :)

    Echo's Sarah on the pants issue - you're a big girl and perfectly capable of making the decision to post or not to post all by yourself. :)

  3. Lovely... but what's grimace (haven't set foot in a McD's for a very long time now).

  4. Eeeee! Love it! Makes me want to go sew another Mini Mod for Myra. In purple!!

  5. OMG I luvvit.
    I want to be your daughter.

  6. That's so full of 70s awesomeness.

    Who is Grimace?

    (those two sentences reveal more about commenter's age than was intended)

  7. Just wanted to say Amanda, that I am in agreement with you on the pants issue, the reason I asked you to make my girls the pants was for the same reasons. I want my girls to be girls and lots of the store bought pants are either too decorated or very teeny. I must admit I hesitated when I posted the pics of them on your FB so you could see, but tbh they look no different to a catalogue image you would see in a chainstore catalogue. We seem to be obsessed with worrying about inappropriate people looking at our kids these days and in the main most abuse occurs from peole known to the child not from some random picture on a sewing blog.
    I know you didn't want debate on this but as I suspect some of this stemmed from the pics I posted of my girls & I wanted to make my views known on the subject.

  8. Oooh that's ever so pretty.

  9. Lovely! Also, hee! As I scrolled down, I wondered what Grimace had to do with it....