Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This is why we staged The American Revolution

Here are my top three reasons why it stinks to be an American in the UK today:

Britain is gripped with Election mania right now, and I can't vote. One of these jokers will be my new leader through no fault of my own. And, more importantly, the election is closing Jamie's nursery for two days because it is a polling station. Ergo:

Can't vote + nursery closed = (sucks)2

This is the kind of advanced thinking that the UK political system is missing out on by not letting me vote.

Springtime in Scotland. Also summer. I have not retired my winter coat yet. My Vitamin D levels are at negative eleventy thousand.

This book? The tenth in the series? A salve for the pain that is True Blood Withdrawal Disorder? Currently available in the US. Not available in the UK for another month.


  1. you can just order from if you cant wait.. I have done that before.. besides you can only order kindles from .com and not .... and today I have been having a homesick for America type of day.. what with the crap customer service and the freeking grey weather.. thank god I'm not in scotland because I would totally climb a tower and Buffy could not stop me.

  2. If you've got the isbn (which you can get from the .com) you can order it from the and get UK prices.

    Plus weather shit and election rubbish. Doesn't matter if you can vote. It's annoying. Can't wait for Friday and the election to be over. One more canvasser and I'll snap.

  3. Welcome to the UK, sucker!!

  4. want want want want want.

    I haven't read the book of True Blood short stories yet so I'm hoping that will fill a gap until the next novel comes out in the UK.

  5. It stinks to be a brit in the UK too. Today I wore shorts, and a padded jacket. I know I looked amazing.

  6. @Apryl: *sigh* I think I'll just wait. I did notice it got rubbish reviews though, which makes me sad too.

    @Louiz: We haven't had a single canvasser!

    @Liz: I'm going to make your comment reason number 4 why we staged the Revolutionary War ;)

    @Kirsty: The read the short stories and they by and large sucked. I think she's just saving all the good stuff for later because it's a 13 book contract. The last couple of books have been disappointing in my humble opinion, especially the last one. I actually got into some fanfic that was good if you need a fix!

  7. @cupotea : Oh. My. Goodness. Pics or it didn't happen?

  8. I haven't been impressed with the last couple either. One of my favourites is the one when Eric loses his memory. I love Eric so much that I would kick David Tennant for him.

  9. @Kirsty: That's my favourite too for obvious reasons. At the risk of sounding like a couple saddo, I am actually IN LOVE with Eric. The fictional character.

  10. Had to chime in as someone who is thinking a lot about returning to Scotland.....the grass is always greener!
    Think how wonderful it is to have free healthcare (even with it's waiting lists)instead of having to pay $900 a month for a shitty plan which we do!! get those lovely long light evenings in the summer (miss those a lot).......
    and all your US friends probably think it's really cool that you live in the old country!
    Just saying....because I don't want to be reminded of the crappier weather!!

  11. No one's even bothered to canvass me. I'm in such a safe blue seat that there's barely any point in me showing up tomorrow (I shall, of course, but I shall do so resentfully). Apparently my vote has 3.57x less power than that of the average voter. Lame.

    (I'm a friend of Skip's btw - love your blog!) x

  12. I live in the so called sunny south and have just lit the fire...again! I'm a fellow (well girl) Reynauds sufferer and can't think how you are still alive in Scotland!!!

  13. Doh, I only just realised you are American! Well, I didn't realise at all - you just told me...I always thought you were Scottish, but wrote like an American (maybe you'd been watching too much US tv?!)And don't ask me what "wrote like an American" actually just do...stuff like "Bajillion" etc.

    Anyway, I can only apologise for the rubbish weather and sucks!

    B x