Thursday 9 December 2010


The Awkward Pouch

leather pouch closed

In a shocking turn of events, two weeks ago I found out that Ebay does actually sell real leather. For years I'd (all right, stupidly) been searching for leather in the Fabric category and was frustrated that there was none. Thus grew my misconception that leather is ridiculously hard to find, and that when found, one should be prepared to pay ridiculous amounts for it as it's the only leather in the UK. Imagine my shock and consternation when searching for leather needles that there's an entire Leathercraft category in Ebay with thousands of hides, in hundreds of colours, at reasonable prices. As much as I love my Liberty leather, I wish I'd known before I paid that.

leather pouch open

Anyway, this isn't a sad story, it's a mostly happy story. Because now I've added some more colours to my leather stash! The only downside is that these new colours have come in fairly small (albeit uniform) pieces of 8"x8". This is a very awkward size. It's not wide enough for make-up bags, but too tall for phone cozies unless I trim a couple of inches off the top and therefore waste it.

leather pouch inside

I attempted a zippered pouch using a single square, resulting in a final bag measuring around 6.5"x3.5". Capacious enough to hold a small assortment of things like a phone / keys / pen / small cosmetics, but too capacious for holding just change (unless you are in the USA in which case you'd need a couple), I'm at a bit of a loss as to how best use these 8"x8" squares in future crafty endeavours. Because obviously I have heaps. What would you do*?

*Hoarding, smelling and stroking do not count, I've already thought of those.


  1. Hi,

    Always read your blog but have never replied before.
    Think your pouches could be used as sewing accessories - think going for a sewing/knitting day somewhere (mine are usually at my mums or on days I have a craft stall) and you need to take a selection of needles, pins, scissors and other bits but don't want to take your whole sewing box.

    Hope this helps
    Happy Christmas


  2. I'm not sure if I have a good suggestion, but I had to let you know I almost squealed when I saw the mushroom liner on this beautiful leather. Nice combo of colors!

    Could you piece a few colors together? Or is that too patchwork-y for Serious Crafting?

  3. It's a fabulous tampon holder. Fabulous.

  4. Cool, been meaning to try sewing with leather one day

  5. Hahhahahaaa @ Crystal :)
    You could cut nice shapes out of them and make bag charms.
    You could make little purses that fasten with press-studs for little people - I think you can get little stamps to make patterns on the leather, but I don't know what they're called. My mum used to make kids purses in the seventies, I can send you an amateurish drawing of one if you want :)

  6. Phone cosies and then use the leftovers to make charms and keyrings or appliques to decorate other cozies?

  7. They should definitely be branded as is - The Awkward Pouch! I have one in my handbag, it holds: earphones, chewing gum, a tiny notebook, tampons, tissues, teabags and my pass for work. They are essential! A lovely leather one would be beautiful (I currently have a Cath Kidston zip purse)

  8. glasses/sunglasses case? lovely gift with a pair of cheap but fun sunnies inside.

  9. Baby shoes/booties, barrettes, dress up shoes with them, patchwork them into something bigger?

  10. I was wondering about sewing a couple together too... Nice patch work thing going on, especially if they're slightly different colours?

  11. Would the pieces be big enough to make a Kindle cover?
    (disclaimer: I have nooo idea how big a Kindle is. So this could be a ludicrous suggestion)