Wednesday 15 December 2010


Thanks a lot, friends and family. Making your gifts is making me sad.

oven mitts double

One of the problems I find with making everyone's gifts (other than lack of time) is that I want to keep everything for myself. But to keep these oven mitts would be the height of perversion and covetousness.

oven mitts Jamie
'What are these crazy things?'

Exhibit One: A bemused expression denoting an unfamiliarity with the concept of oven gloves.

oven mitts Maia
'So you reach out... and grab things?'

Exhibit Two: An incredulity of putting hands into things and then using them to grab hot things.

Exhibit Three: A post from the annals of Toddler Jamie wearing oven gloves as slippers. I rest my case, Your Honour.

oven mitts blossom

It's not that I am a terrible baker, or that 50% of my kids have a raw food diet (both which are true), but that we haven't had a functional oven in eight months, perhaps even longer. It isn't entirely unusable. But it only has one temperature and that setting is called 'Burn'. By opening and shutting the door to try to regulate the temp (and mitigate the burning), I can heat things up but anything involving precise temperatures or longer than twenty minutes is out.

oven mitts strawberry

Oven disobedience nonwithstanding, I would be a terrific baker if I had oven gloves like this. I can feel it in me bones.

oven mitts reversed

And they're reversible. So I'd be two times as awesome.


  1. And here I am stressing about getting a single pettiskirt done! Those are really adorable.

  2. These are gorgeous, that red fabric is gorgeous - can you share it's provenance?
    Also what batting did you use to make them heat proof.

  3. Thanks Lynn :)

    Roberta: The orangey / red one is Alexander Henry Nova Blossom and I used Insul-Brite as batting. I probably should have used wadding as well but I performed the very scientific experiment of ironing my hand whilst in the glove and it was fine without :)

  4. They now seem even more awesome knowing that you ironed your hands in the interest if the giftee's safety! x

  5. The things you do when you're tired, Daisie :)

  6. Thanks for the fabric details, I shall add it to my exremely long fabric wish list!
    I love you scientific experimentation of the thermodynamic properties of Insul-Brite, I shall be happy to use the product in this application.
    However I do not feel it necessary to repeat your testing procedures!

  7. Excellent health and safety testing methods :)
    (and lovely gloves)
    Just out of curiosity, why don't you get your oven fixed / get a new one? Or will you throw things at me if I ask you that?

  8. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love these oven mitts. The want is so bad I believe I am breaking a covenant with God.

    I also have to say that if I had to go 8 months without a working oven in my home I would be so far outside of sanity I would never find my way back. The fact that you are clearly still sane, at least sane enough to sew fine things and post coherently about it, makes you a far, far greater woman than I.

    ^ Has 20lbs of homemade cookie dough 'resting' in the fridge atm... and another 10lbs to make tonight. Do you see why I covet so hard?!?

  9. They're lovely! Our freezer stopped working and it took us 2 years to replace it, but part of that was a serious reluctance to admit it was broken.

  10. So cool! Love those mitts. Yeah, I made a lot of presents this year that I want to keep too...wonder if a bag of chocolate instead of my intended present would suffice.

  11. Sara, a bag of chocolate is always a sufficient replacement.

  12. I'm not sure if this is sad or a measure of my kitschy-fandom - but I'm sure I actually remember the pic of Jamie in ovenglove-slippers.