Sunday, 5 December 2010


I might need me one of these

One of the most frustrating aspects of our quarantine was that I wasn't able to visit my friend Claire and steal meet her new baby. But with our newly non-contagious status (plus the fact her eldest succumbed to the pox himself!), we finally had the chance to spend some time with baby Kathryn.

I pulled out all of my trusty Ottobres, and made her a tiny outfit out of tulip-printed organic knit. The little reversible bonnet in the top picture, a cuffed raglan long sleeve t-shirt, and some feety trousers.

Sitting on the floor and with my nervous hands offering head support, Maia had her first shot of holding a baby. It seems that all of our friends who've had babies this year have had wonderfully placid babies, that actually sleep and are generally agreeable. If I could be assured that I'd get one of these magic babies I'd be seriously tempted, but previous form suggests not. Anyone who would like to offer surrogacy, please email with your magic baby credentials.


  1. So sweet! And I'm with you - too much of a roll of the dice to imagine I would get a calm sleeper.

  2. She looks deelish! As does the tulip print :)
    Munchkin was actually one of those amazingly placid sleeps through at 6 weeks type babies. Every midwife who saw her told me not to have any more :D

  3. what a cutey, bet shes even more cute in the fab outfit! mine didn't slepp through for ages so i'm no use to you! enjoy baby munching!

  4. Oooh, so cute! And what a good choice of name:) My Kathryn slept soundly all night all the time - if by "soundly" you mean woke up reliably every half hour.... and stopped taking naps when she was 9 months or so.