Monday 6 December 2010


The Underwhelming Ruffle Snood

The unrelenting, godforsaken snow continues and everything I am planning to craft for Christmas is on hold until postal delivery resumes. But on my first day sans children in 504 hours, I couldn't do nothing. So why not redress some of their cold weather complaints?

'I am smiling like this because I'm thinking of the sh*t-fit I'm going to throw when you attempt to demonstrate the versability of the snood.'

I whipped up this double-layer microfleece snood for Maia because her scarf from last year wasn't offering enough coverage and there were 'serious ongoing complaints' about snow making contact with the back of her neck. The ruffle was integrated because I'm clearly mental and hate my daughter. And that last bit was nearly true, because she point blank refused my attempts to show you how many ways you can wear it. Mani-fricking-fold, my friends. Including concealing the ruffle under the coat.


  1. It's just as well we can sort of imagine its versitility then!!

  2. Get in front of that mirror Amanda, I want to see it on you, and then I want a tute, what a fabby idea, even is Maia is yet to agree! x

  3. At least Maia agrees to have some sort of photo taken! We have total refusal around here.