Wednesday 8 December 2010


I declare the Fabric Sale open!

I've posted them all on my Facebook page into three different albums:

Knits (sorry so spartan!)

On each individual picture there is the fabric name, the quantity I have available and the price. If you want something, leave a comment on the picture stating your claim. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can email me and I'll stake on your behalf but it could get complicated if someone else bagses it before I see. Enraging Fact of the Day: Facebook no longer have a see photo comments button so bear with my if it takes me a little longer to collate information!

The sale is probably geared more to my British friends because the precious fabric is really precious here in the UK. Others are more than welcome, but should email me so we can discuss posting. Shipping within the UK will be £2 for 1-2 yds, £3 for 3-4 yds, £4 for 5-6 yds, £5 for 7-8 yds, and a flat £6 for above 8 yds. If you want recorded delivery add £1 to the amounts above.


  1. I'm just a sucker for those Kaufman apples... and already seen and commented on facebook:)