Saturday 11 December 2010


The Communal Trapper Hat

trapper hat girl

The wayward faux fur I ordered before the snowfall finally arrived today, as did the replacement faux fur I ordered while being impatient. Too much faux fur going on here, especially as we're sharing this hat.

trapper hat boy

Did I say sharing? I meant to say fighting over, using a stop clock to monitor fair usage, and crying over. It also fits my possibly-terminally-ill-but-at-the-very-least-medically-anomalous small head.

trapper hat me

Although I'm very happy with the end result, I'm hoping we can work out a Trapper Hat Rota as this faux fur is heinous to sew with, disintegrating once cut and shedding its hair all over (and by all over I mean into my lungs). Is this normal for all fake fur, or is there magical membrane-sealed non-shedders?


  1. Furry hat! I love it!

    My fake fur shed a little bit when cut, but not too badly as I did it with a craft knife from the back so hardly any of the actual fur fibres were being cut. The backing was very secure, though, but I did have fairly stupidly expensive stuff to work with.

    I really must make my own furry hat before I go up to Scotland. I've only that and a zebra'n'gold birthday bag and my christmas day dress and a coat relining commision and various christmas presents to make and/or finish in the next week and a bit. God help me.

  2. Maia wins the prize for most resembling a small excited rabbit.

  3. So cool! I can see why you're all fighting over it. All that hair reminds me of sewing with minky swirl fabric...what a mess. :-P

  4. do I remember * a certain expert sewer* giggling at my pathetic attempts with fake fur some while ago?

    good luck with the rota

  5. Very cool hat. I have the same issues with glitter - there's so much flying about I swear the lifecycle ends up in our lungs...

  6. Yes, I made a teddy bear with faux fur for Lucas, and then he made one slipper with it (wasn't interested in the 2nd slipper after seeing the fallout), and the fur went EVERYWHERE. I tried to be very careful cutting, but it was still ridiculous. I HATE the stuff - plus the bear ended up with bald spots near seams. Your hats look much nicer, and furrier!