Tuesday 14 December 2010


This might constitute a manic episode

ipod covers times three

I think I've earned a first class degree in Masochism by deciding I'm going to make everyone a Christmas present this year.

ipod covers blue back

In a week.

ipod covers blue front opening

And I've been photographing everything I make.

ipod covers green closure

Because, you know, I have plenty of time to write tutorials.

ipod covers green front

I am awash with spare time.

ipod cozy phone inside

In between making All the People, All the Things.

ipod cozy button detail

Comment suggestions:
  • General pats on the back for prolific output.
  • Tales of how much you miss me generally (or in the evenings) because Virgin won't let me go on the internet.
  • A frank discussion of how much I should be charging Steven to make things for his family. And by 'frank' I mean someone say 'heaps' and then everyone else agrees.


  1. Seriously! Charge Steven 2x your hourly rate (which should be no less than £8 an hour) plus 2x materials costs. At a minimum.

    I think you're doing awesomely and in fact I am in awe!

  2. *pat pat* You are awesome. I am stunned watching you being productive like that. I couldn't do it.

    And I agree with Vonnie about the heaps. I think we covered your suggestions now, didn't we? :-D

  3. You are clearly mental!! Only joking. Those presents look gorgeous and I am as ever in total awe of your sewing output. Seriously do you never sleep??!

  4. You may be cuckoo, but while such madness produces pretty things I am all in favour. Carry on!

  5. Where to begin with what Steve owes you? First and foremost of course is your valuable time, worth even more during the busy rush season. Your rate should obviously be about 10x your normal, astronomical rate. Throw in what amounts to personal shopping services since not only are you making the gifts but are selecting and planning the list and well - that's quite a few zeros.

  6. 1. *applause*
    2. I love you and I want my coat pattern goddamit!
    3. I reckon £20 per item as a minimum. Plus extra cake money, for all the calories you're burning by working to tight deadlines.

  7. Goodness me, that's a lot of stuff. A lot more than I have managed, and I have no small children. Or large children. Or any children at all. I'm making presents, but many of them will be in the form of baked goods or very simple things made from fleece. So yeah, I am also in awe.

    Steven should be charged time and a half of whatever you spent making gifts for his family members, given as alloted time when you do whatever you please and he deals with children, housework, cooking, paperwork, phone calls, or whatever else you don't fancy bothering with. There should be vouchers and you should be able to exchange them for time spent in the bath with gin and a book whenever you damn well please.

  8. Wow, amazing. Also possibly insane, but don't let that stop you:) I have an awesome temperature so could be wrong to be honest!