Thursday 5 February 2009


Folksy finds turquoise

I've been waiting several weeks for my super special fabric for my final boy's coat to arrive (from Japan via the States!) and I finally got my hands on it yesterday. After forking out 15 quid for customs, argghh! Anyway... inspired by the lush colour of my super special fabric, I'm doing this week's Folksy feature on turquoise!

This turquoise, black and white Swirly bead set by Flower Power would make a lovely bracelet or swingy bag charm.

These lovely felty Octopus finger puppets by MuNGBEANS have really adorable shocked faces.

This striking Turquoise brooch by Hannah Mary Pinnock is made of resin, hand dyed with turquoise pigment and has imbedded marigold seeds and a bit of sparkle.

I love the simplicity of the design and contrast of colours in these Pinwheel folded note card set by Inkspot Workshop.
The variety of textures and tones in this Turquoise blue pin by Ruby Spirit Designs is divine!

This cute little model inspired Beaky to make The Isaac hat. Perfect crocheted loveliness for these cold winter days!

As you know, I love all things reversible and this Reversible market bag tote in soft purple, green and blue vintage fabric by Pouch is no exception!
This beautiful Twilight print by Unravelling has a multitude of birds against a blue sky-- stunning!

This silkscreened Alphabetty fabric by lusummers has an oatmeal coloured background with hand drawn letters, perfect for small sewing projects like fabric covered buttons, change purses, and badges.

This sweet Melly Bunny Rabbit sock toy by The Warren has a lopsided grin and is made from an adorable melon and cherry sock. She comes with her own passport and her maker runs a blog featuring her bunnys' adventures as they set off around the world-- fun!


  1. Oh, I do love turquoise. And I especially love Hannah's beautiful brooch which looks like it's been washed ashore from a ship wreck. Unravelling's print is exquisite also.

    Lovely feature, Kitschy.

  2. Hi Amanda, thanks for including one of my Rainbow Pins in your picks! What a nice idea to feature fellow Folksyers in your blog :D

  3. Great feature...I Adore turquoise (as you can probably guess!!)

    Thank you for including me! and thanks for the lovely comments... was feeling a bit low about the work today, it has perked me up no end.