Monday 16 February 2009


Don't underestimate the buddha belly

I drafted a little reversible waistcoat to match the reversible trousers and skirt from last week. I wanted it to be quite neat fitting and figured 'Hey, little bodies are like tubes...' so it's basically the same width through the chest and waist. Except Maia is not a little tube, she's a Buddha.

I could get the top button done over her chest but couldn't get the two lower buttons fastened over her capacious belly.

I'm not sure if I'll re-draft the pattern to fit as I primarily made it for reversible tute purposes. Is there any demand for little waistcoats?!

Anway, here it is apple side up:

And dotty side up:

Other than the fact it's unwearable, it came out pretty cute! So what do you think, back to the drawing board or on the shelf?

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