Thursday 5 February 2009


Orders round up

You might think that I spend all my time writing random, overlong poems and making poor mock-ups in Paint.... not so! It's been awhile since I've shared just what my lovely customers have been buying, so it's a bit of a big catch-up:

The Coats:

The amazing technicolour elf coatBlue branches and orange twillThe nightmare coat (named that because it was so hard to make!)Velveteen and Aviary Coat

The dresses

Noguchi and Dotty reversible dressNumberlicious and Dotty reversible dressBlue Euro flowers kimono dress

The Tunics:

Mirabelle tunicBisbee butterfly tunic

The shoes:

Cherry Confections

Organic t-shirts:

Retro Owl Organic t-shirt
The patterns:
These are selling better than I ever imagines they would! I really need to pull my finger out and get the rest of my patterns ready to go!
Reversible Double Breasted Coat (14 sold)

Reversible Swing top (6 sold)


  1. Love everything you just showed, but LOVE the kimono dress off to look at your patterns!

  2. your fabrics are lovely. I just need to wait until my niece is a few months older and i'll be at your shop!