Wednesday 25 February 2009


Next up... matinee coats

This little beauty is probably my favourite thing I've ever made, for several reasons. Firstly, I am head over heels in love with the fabric. I only bought two yards and now I can't find it anymore. Story of my life... that's why I hoard fabric! I can find other colourways (orange seems to be the most plentiful) but not this lovely green. Secondly, this is the first ever little coat I made and probably the first thing I drafted that I was really proud of. Plus these were the first buttons I ever did. And the first reversible!

I called it a 'matinee coat' as it's slightly cropped, slim fitting, and with closures only at the chest rather than all the way down. Rather than a placket, it has two tabs holding the front pieces together. I wasn't too confident with making things reversible, so I used a combination of 'flipping' (around neck and down front center) and 'sandwiching' (the sleeve edges and hem are enclosed by binding).

I haven't made anymore matinee coats since this one, but now that my double breasted coat and swing top patterns are going pretty well, this pattern is the one that most people are asking for next.

So last night I graded it up to 2-3 yr (the one above is 1-2 yr) and cut fabric for a sample. I made a few changes (opened the sleeve up and set it in a bit more, and increased the tab size a smidge). I doubt I will finish the sleeves or hem with binding, although it's always an option!

I half finished the sample garment and have the perfect fabric reversed for the final jacket. I hope that the tute and patterns for 1-2 yr, 2-3 yr and 3-4 yrs will be ready for testers by the weekend!


  1. Can't wait! Could you add a hood? or would that be too much work? I only ask b/c my daughter has a jacket similar to this that has a hood.

  2. Thanks Shellei! I never though of adding a hood, it wouldn't be much extra work. I'd be interested in seeing a pic of your dd's jacket!

  3. It's a green jacket, so b/c it isn't pink it's not her fav, but I'll see what I have on the camera and if theres nothing there maybe she'll deign to pose for pictures.

  4. that I look at the jacket, the only thing that makes it similar to your manitee coat is that it has only 2 buttons. It has a placket and kind of an empire waist and then a bit of a flare to the waist. It's very cute but not really as much alike as I first thought.

  5. Really cute, perfect for the kids, can i request, can you make another designs for the girls?with hood also.