Thursday 26 February 2009


It's all going so well! (cue sinister music...)

My hours at the childminder's changed this week so that the only time I have both kids away from the house for any significant amount of time is Thursday, for five hours. As you can imagine, Thursday is my new favourite (and most valuable) day of the week, when I can get the most done without losing out on sleep time.

Here's a short play that we enacted yesterday:

Mum (skipping through the house): La la la, la la la! Only 19 hours and 39 minutes til I get some peace! I have so much to do!
Cue sinister music.
Jamie: Mummy, I no feel well.
Mum: (putting fingers in ears): I can't hear you. I can't hear you.
Jamie: Mummy, I go to doctor's. I no feel well.
Mom Suck it up kiddo. Don't you appreciate how much mummy needs tomorrow?!
Jamie: Mummy, I so yucky. I go to doctors. I no feel well.
Mum (in panic mode): You look fine. You'll be fine.
Mum takes Jamie's temperature.
Mum: See Jaim, 39 deg isn't so high. If we were in the States, that's only 102.2 deg F.
Mum strips Jamie off, sees red blotches on Jamie's body.
Mum (full denial mode): Look, Jaim! You're so lucky, you have polkadots! Bet you can't wait to show Jane tomorrow!
Jamie falls asleep on couch.
Fade away to shot of Mom crying.

The End

Jamie's little pal at the childminder's was off last week with chicken pox, so it was only a matter of time til my two got it. I was convinced with all his symptoms last night that the time had come. I let him sleep on the couch in the afternoon (for only 30 minutes I might add) and he went to sleep at his usual bedtime. Fast forward to midnight, he's out of bed full of beans, looking remarkably well. The fever has broken. He's awake and in an out of bed from midnight to almost 5AM (with little or no sleep). I lay in his doorway so he couldn't escape, and didn't get much sleep either.

And today, the rash is gone. No chicken pox. Guess I have to go to Lazytown - The Musical on Saturday after all.


  1. Love the mini-play! But sorry it's all messed up your 'you-time'. Hope all is well now . . . !

  2. he's going to be SOOOO good at pulling sickies when school age ;-)

  3. lol, i've done the laying in the door way so they can't escape thing.

  4. Oh God you poor thing. I bet he gets chickenpox just in time for next week's childminder visit too (if my kids' chickenpox experiences are anything to go by!)

  5. Had to laugh, soooo been there (actually, Monday was like that for us, minus chicken pox). At least it went away quickly without a lot of drama!

  6. Oh no! Lazy town might be worse than Dora!
    Do they not shove chicken pox vaccination at you over there?