Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Asymmetrical swing coat

By all rights, I should have posted this coat yesterday and not a picture of my son looking camp. But it was more trouble than I originally thought and took me two nights. Not because it's anything fancy, but because I had never made anything asymmetrical reversible before. Extra brain power was required to figure out how to cut out the front pieces so they'd both be facing right side out, and extra brain power is in short supply these days. The first red side assembled was wrong, so I had to reverse the cutting layout and make another one... Cut a long story slightly less long, I was right the first time so the second one I made was a waste of time. See what I mean about extra brain power?!

The coat is for spring so it's fairly lightweight. One side has polkadot corduroy and the other side is red heavyweight cotton. I made it button far to the side with two buttons.

It has a big asymetrical collar, which Steven wasn't liking. But then again he though I'd just messed a normal collar up so his right to an opinion is negated.

It has extra wide sleeves because I like to see the other fabric peeking out.

I'm almost tempted to cut the buttonholes off the coat and frame them for the wall. After months of struggling with the 'automatic' buttonhole function on my sewing machine (or laborious hand-sewing), I decided to just make them with a zigzag stitch. So. Much. Easier.


  1. This is gorgeous. Love the patterns and colours together. Well done!

  2. So so beautiful. Will it fit a sixe 14?

  3. I love the collar Amanda. I hear you on the button hole thing. My machine has like three diffrent button hole settings and it's very hard to figure any of them out. I ended up doing the zigzag stitch on some of my button holes as well.


  4. I love the coat - and when I've done it I shall be posting my version of the one i won the pattern of - I'm waiting for the fabric I want to be in stock. *sigh*

    I always think your coats are lovely but everytime I see them I always think how lovely your garden is!!! i bet your little girl loves getting ready for her outdoor photoshoots :D