Tuesday 24 February 2009


What's in a name?

Friend Sarah

I made a fleeting mention on Sunday about being let out into the real world, where people are full-sized and wear clothing. And who was my chaperone? Friend Sarah. You might have thought that the only people given prefixed names are serial killers, like Bible John. Not so... Jamie also bestows catchy monikers, to less sinister people.

'Friend Sarah' is called thus because whenever she visits, I tell the kids that 'mummy's friend Sarah' is coming. So now she is just 'Friend Sarah'. And what a friend she is! She brought me three eggs from her mum, which was funny to find in my handbag on Monday (it would have been less funny if they had broken). And which will come in handy for the obligatory Shrove Tuesday pancakes tonight.

When I went to pick Jamie up from nursery on Friday, they told me about another nickname he's bestowed. Donna is the nursery worker that gave us our induction talk. They said that he always said a word before saying Donna's name, but they were never sure what he was saying. On Friday, they figured out that he calls her 'Talking Donna'. And why? When we were having our induction session, there were frequent interruptions from Jamie, so I repeatedly said things like, 'Jamie, I'm talking to Donna'. And so 'Talking Donna' was born. Wonder if he uses the same frustrated tone I did?


  1. I have four friends called Jane living in my village, so in our family, rather than use boring surnames, they are known as Red-lipstick Jane, Trendy Jane, Bossy Jane and Clever Jane. Not sure all the Janes need to know those names, but the children are bound to let them slip sooner or later. Also, my son used to call a friend of mine "Scottage Fiona", I'll give you a clue - she's from Glasgow!

  2. That's funny! Having a blog is great, I thought Jaim was heaps eccentric but maybe he's close to normal. Maybe.