Wednesday 24 June 2009


Another fond fabric farewell

When we were in the States last summer I went a bit nuts buying fabric and I've been trying not to add to my stash (well, too much anyway) until I've used up a considerable proportion of my existing fabric. So with mixed emotions, I'm finally get to the end of some of my favourite fabrics. I said goodbye to my Mirabelle last week (and then promptly bought more), and now I'm at the end of my Aviary fabric. I still have enough for a couple of peasant tops, but this is my last green velveteen and aviary coat!

Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Crafteroo who helped me decide between dark green and brown buttons for the velveteen side!

In other fabric news, Felinedream sent me one of her favourite fabrics to make a custom hoodie for her daughter. How cool is this?!

So how do other fabric addicts cope with using up the last treasured fabric? Do you buy more of the same or look for something new?


  1. Kirsty kept that quiet! I can't wait to see the hoodie :)

    Wool is more my big thing than fabric, and I am also not buying any more until I use what I have. I sate my lust by dyeing up my own so I can imagine that spoonflower is pretty dangerous for fabric fans!

  2. Ooh I love it when people send my fabric to make things for them..and a little worried that I might spoil the sacred material ;)

    I don't like finishing fav fabric either. Quite a lot of my stuff is roll end and discontinued fabric too so once its gone, its gone. Makes me want to stock-pile it at home!!

  3. I've not been sewing long enough to have stockpiles of stuff yet. However I've been knitting long enough... and I hate hate hate using up the last of favourite stuff. I have threatened to undo anything made out of favourite wool if the recipient misbehaves...

  4. I am extremely very excited about the hoodie.