Tuesday 16 June 2009


The Coolest Kid in the World *TM

After hearing my plight following my disastrous monsoon fair, the lovely ladies from Cloth Nappies Addicts clubbed together to place a massive co-op order for twenty-seven things. Most have been dispatched, but I'm still plugging away through the custom orders. The Coolest Coat in the World *TM was the first, and now the Coolest Hoodie in the World *TM is done too.

Both of these rockin' items are going to the same kid, The Coolest Kid in the World *TM. I sent his mum him some photos of fabrics and he designed this hoodie himself.

It's Michael Miller fabric with Rock Star Guitar Solo silhouettes. Awesome.

Of course I love it, but the greatest sense of achievement I have is because two hundred and sixty seven days after my first hoodie, I have finally figured out how to make it fully reversible. I could never, ever in my wildest dreams (and yes, I have dreamed about this because it's been bugging me so much) figure out how to attach the ribbing to the sleeve edges in a reversible fashion. Lots of staring, lots of pinning, pulling inside out, pulling right side out, pinning, staring... I've sussed it!


  1. I love it, Amanda, great work, those are very nice! There aren't enough cool clothes here for young boys.


  2. Congratulations! It looks great!

  3. Fantastic! My boys will be green with envy when they see the sheer coolness of this!

  4. I *ADORE* this :^D

    Thank you!

  5. brilliant. my middle son is in several bands, it'd be perfect for stagewear. do your sizes go up to age 24?

    and I totally know what you mean about the staring. staring, and knitting while asleep - that's how my meerkats can stand up.

  6. I love it! Can I put in a request for a pattern for this? I know lots of boys (and girls actually too) that would love a hoodie!