Monday, 29 June 2009


The competition heats up

The Coolest Girl in the World *TM better watch her back as there are two challengers to the crown. The first is this recipient of this awesome hoodie:

I had a lot of fun making this (well, as much fun as you can have making every seam hidden and inserting zips) because her mum sent me the fabric, it wasn't something I had in my stash. The pleasure of new fabric, without having to buy it myself!

Of course, I do want to buy it now, it's so cool and would really suit lots of different things. I think it would look awesome as a tunic.

I lined it with bright blue flannel with royal blue ribbing trim.

Do you remember what you were doing on 26 November 2008? For me, it's like The Day the Music Died. I will always remember it as the day I made my first Nightmare Coat. For the uninitiated, this is a coat that has an inner lining of goretex fleece. It is a double challenge, for you're introducing a stretch fabric to a non-stretch coat, and another thick layer of fabric to seams that already have two layers of heavy coat fabric. But this custom coat is going to a little girl in Orkney, so the wind and waterproof layer is almost compulsory:

As hard as it is to make these coats, they have such a gorgeous finish. The extra layer gives a really nice shape and a plushier feel. One side is back bird print and the other side (the last of!) my green velveteen.

So after such a massive undertaking, here's some things I need:
  • A medal of honour
  • A letter of apology to my serger, who still hasn't forgiven me
  • Half a dozen new needles as they were breaking left/ right/centre
  • A stiff drink


  1. OMG that manga hoody is sooooo god damn cute and so tiny! what a trendy baby! i have loads of manga t-shirts that are to small now but i can bear to throw them out!

    yes you deserve a medal for your services to arduous sewing - sod the medal have an ermine trimmed crown! It was worth it though it's a great coat x

  2. Arise Lady Kitschy-Coo, never mind the medal ;)

    Do you just use a normal serger and sewing machine? I am finding my sewing machine heats up and bits of it are expanding then banging together after a heavy session.

    I love your jackets!!

  3. Wow! my daughter hands out pretend medals (which she calls metals) for everything, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I gave you one. Here, have a medal. And a trophy (she also hands those out too).

  4. Wow! Kirsty (and Brodie!) will love that hoodie! Lovely work :D

  5. love the manga hoodie.. I nearly bought some of that fabric on Bainbridge Iland off Seattle in April.. but I went for the tattoo fabric instead..

    I will have to get you to make one for H.. with extra room in the hoodie bit for his fat head.

  6. Oh my. I must have that manga fabric.
    Must must must.

  7. LOVE the hoodie!!! can't wait for a pattern...please... and the coat..gorgeous and such perfect workmanship! DO deserve a medal...but the stiff drink will be more satisfying! have one for me :)

  8. I am now even more excited. I showed the picture to Devin (my eldest) who is now jealous that his sister is receiving something so amazing and is insistent that we scour the internet for more boyish manga material so that you can make one for him.

  9. That hoodie is just gorgeous - I can't wait until my baby girl's a bit bigger so I can peruse your folksy site....!