Friday 12 June 2009


Milestone, milestone, milestone, scare

Milestone one:

Last Friday I had my first parent-teacher conference. Even three and a half years into this parenting malarkey, it still confounds me that I'm 'a parent'. I still half expect to be rumbled. But anyway, it was fine... they are very happy with how he's settled in to nursery life and said he's a 'lovely wee boy'. And he is. He's come so far, so quickly. Become so camp, in such a short time:

His key worker has a bombshell though, which leads to....

Milestone two:

Jamie has a girlfriend. Her name is Annie. As far as girlfriends go, he has precocious good taste. She wears leopard print leggings and fake fur jackets and Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. They run around holding hands. They dance together. Trying to ascertain if it was dancing of the slow or fast variety, we asked Jamie last night to show us how they dance, and it was spectacular. And very fast. They have shared interests, spending a great deal of their time sitting together making animal noises at each other and laughing. I've always been of the opinion that the couples that moo together, stay together.

Milestone three:

Today Maia had her first haircut that didn't involve me, a pair of scissors and a straight line across the forehead. I've been torn over how to get it cut: fringe or no fringe? Leave the natural layered length or even it up? Here's a reminder of the indie dishevelled look she had before:

She was a very good girl sitting still and being patient, courtesy of chocolate buttons. The lady convinced me she 'needed' a fringe (big forehead was mentioned), but only half of the existing bulk. So we have a future of clasps and clips until it grows a bit.

The biggest change is she's been de-mulleted.

Now I've (mostly) gotten over the shock that it cost only two quid less than my own haircut, I'm pretty happy! I do think it makes her look more baby-ish again though.


I'm not normally one to jump around and shout about the world being an overly dangerous place for our kids, where bad people are always lurking about waiting for your guard to go down so they can pounce. But then I read this. Maybe I've been naive.


  1. Oh bless her she looks adorable. Well they both do xxx

  2. *hugs* all around. I followed your scare link. I bet you're hugging both yours very close.

  3. Aaww what a cute haircut - my little boys haircut made him look babyish too - I loved it!!

    That scare story has made me upset though :(

  4. Loving the haircut and the 'camp' look!! Scare story is just so scary. Made me feel sick. So glad everything was ok.

  5. Very adorable camp boy, and lovely haircut. scary story indeed.