Sunday 28 June 2009


Maybe I'm just too picky

You might remember that I'm currently on the look out for a replacement for Shia LaBeouf as my inappropriate toy boy crush. Basic requirement: doesn't declare his incestuous love for his mum in Playboy. So last night Steven popped in a DVD called The Wackness and... Could it be, is Josh Peck who I've been looking for?

I needed to do some more research to make sure he has a less developed Oedipus Complex than Mr LaBeouf. His trivia fact on IMDB is, 'He and his mother shared small one-bedroom apartments in New York City.' Uh-oh, that's not promising. But what else did I find out?

He lost more than 100 pounds from his child actor days.

He takes a nice picture. This is my favourite. Look at all that negative space! Wonder what I can do with that?

I know the the brief said to look brooding, but I was just so happy. Hope he wasn't too freaked out that I wore my wedding dress.

He really likes waistcoats. But wait... look closer at this collage... Is that... some really bad hair?

Oh dear... This isn't looking good...

Isn't this the hairstyle favoured by female newsreaders? Or am I just too picky?

The hunt continues...


  1. You are crazy, you know that? He has a cute face but bad hair :(

  2. he's not pushing my buttons - way too young! maybe he'd look better with a crew cut?!

  3. I'm sorry but the hair is a deal breaker.. and dosen't he look a bit like a dorkier version of "Peter" from Heroes .. I don't know how to spell his last name... I'm afraid he has the look of a total mama's boy there...

  4. Not really my type, he looks too squeaky clean. Like he'd still carry an apple for his teacher. have you tried googling images of boy toys?

  5. Ouch, you guys aren't feeling the love at all! I admit, there is more than a whiff of good-boy- dorkiness. In my defence, the character he played in The Wackness wasn't quite so squeaky clean.

    Must. Try. Harder.

  6. Hahaha Your post is hilarious especially when I figured out it was "Josh" from Drake and Josh...definitely not boy toy material even with the weight loss and faux tan and 5 o'clock shadow...I know he's an older man but may I suggest Javier Bardem?

  7. Hunter Parrish makes for a perfect inappropriate boy crush! So young, but soooooo cute! You just can't look away!

  8. Have you seen Transformers 2? Shia sent me weak at the knees during that.

    My inappropriate boy crush is Freddie from Skins played by Luke Pasqualino.

  9. Hilarious. I nearly choked on my cup of tea when I saw the photo of the two of you together!! Hes def not doing it for me. Bad hair and what if he puts those 100 pounds back on! Back to the drawing board...

  10. No he's not really doing it for me either.

    Besides I can always get my boy toy fix from Christian Slater, and yes I'm very aware that he is older than me and shouldn't count, but still.